Beef Patty Stock

100% Aso-produced black beef 【Mysterious Hamburg Patty Set】



Can only be made a few times a year!!

Although our black beef hamburger is always well received by our customers, we have a limited number that can be made due to the difficulty getting the high quality beef required for our high standards. So we offer the beef patty set in limited quantities. After the beef patty is sold out, we cannot make more until the next procurement of black beef. We've often had customers come to our restaurant looking for our hamburger, only to find that it's sold out, so we at Oyakoan decided to communicate the status of our hamburger inventory to everyone on our website and official LINE account.

We hope you'll find this information useful when you're looking to order our hamburger.

Please note that the inventory displayed is accurate as of the last update, so if you want to know the real-time inventory, please feel free to call us.