How many Oso Wagyu A5 rank beef patty steaks do we have?

「Current stock of beef patties」
 30(as of 13th Feb. 2023)

As our Oso Wagyu A5 Rank Beef Patty Steaks having become so popular, we can only make them on a limited basis. Once they run out, we have to wait for further supply of the Oso Wagyu A5 rank beef and time to create the patties, which takes many hours. In order to avoid disappointment, we created this page to let our customers know if the beef patties are out of stock. Please check back at this page and we will let you know when new patties are ready. Please note that the current stock is an estimate and we cannot guarantee availability on any given day. To be sure, please book in advance by telephone, email or LINE to secure your patty!