Oyakoan Special Homemade Yakiniku Sauce(350g)

Located in Aso City, Kumamoto Prefecture, Oyakoan is a small independent restaurant. We would love for you to come and enjoy the taste of Oyakoan for yourself, but for those who find it difficult to do so, we have commercialized the homemade Yakiniku sauce that we use in some of our dishes. We use fresh vegetables and several kinds of fruits, so that everyone can experience the delicate, additive-free (organic) taste that is best used as a yakiniku sauce for cooking. However, it's use is not only for grilled meat but also when cooking vegetables and anything else you might want to augment. You can enjoy a wide variety of dishes such as grilled fish, fried rice, croquettes, and fried chicken. Please give it a try.

Oyakoan Dengaku Miso(200g)